Product Tag - E41 – FINGER PLATES



    They have been designed to be used with the Raised Rib belts in applications in which it is necessary to transfer the product by means finger plates.

    The finger plates are manufactured in nylon and acetal. They have 15 teeth that hide among the projecting ribs of the belt, allowing the constant flow of product as the belt is engaged. They avoid the use of conventional dead plates and consequently the problems by stumbling and fall of the product.

    They have three fastening holes that enable little displacements to achieve a better coupling with the belt. Those holes are located so that they reduce to the minimum the vibrations owing to the turn of the belt over the sprockets.

    The finger plates can be easily installed in the structure of the conveyor putting a screw in each hole. The dimensions of these screws are: M 6 x 19 mm.