26 Mar 2021

What is C12 NUB TOP Belt?

The C12 NUB TOP Conveyor Belt is a nonstick modular belt with a FLUSH GRID open area which has been conceived for very sticky products.

Their small reliefs, a sort of cylinder-shaped, prevent light wet products or coated products, which take the risk of getting lost during the process by falling to the ground or inside the machine, from adhering to the belt surface.

It is manufactured in Polypropylene, Polyethylene and Acetal, which observe the international regulations to be used in food processes.

Specific for:

– Fish glazing machines{“type”:”block”,”srcClientIds”:[“a92e14e0-2311-44da-b808-ded2bbe25839″],”srcRootClientId”:””}
– Slicing machines
– Removal of wastes
– Eggs transport

Detail of reliefs surface:

Their transversal disposition avoids the retention of product wastes and helps the cleaning across the belt.

Minimum transfer dimensions:

Turning in scarcely 18 mm, the frozen products that stick to the belt will detach without the need to use scrapers.

Double-tooth sprocket:

The small belt pitch, just 12 mm, is not a problem to assure an excellent drive by double-tooth sprockets. Sprockets with a diameter of just 42.59 mm are available for its traction.

No-cling flights:

The equipment of this belt is completed by no-cling flights, so that this belt is the best option for glazing fish or processing of very light product sprayed by water.